Our Clients

Customer service is the most important part of our job because we know that our clients are the most vital asset in our company, and without them, business doesn't exist. When we satisfy our clients, they help us grow, they continue making business with us and the most important, they recommend us to their friends and partners. Efficiency, Quality, Responsibility and Strong Organization are our Goals. Client satisfaction is our Motivation.


"Ranjo Contractors provides quality tenant improvement work at a good price. They get the job done within the deadline and budget. Our tenants are always pleased with the work."

– Tomas Burcaw, Commercial Property Manager of Orange County

"We have been using Ranjo Contractors, Inc. for several years now professionally and personally. My daily contact with Rani Hannawi assures me the job will be completed on time and within our budget. We use Ranjo for small and large tenant improvements, maintenance, and consulting for industrial, commercial, retail and residential properties. I would recommend Ranjo Contractors for any type of work. "

– Robert Simpson, Alden Management Group

"Ranjo Contractors, Inc. has never failed me. We have had work done several times on both our residential and our rental properties and always have the work done better than expected. From tenant improvements to repairs and remodels, they are able to do it all. The work is done within budget and with clarity of what is being done. Rani and his staff are great at communicating the progress of the work and are honest about setbacks that may arise. I would recommend them to those closest to me."

– Amanda Adams, San Bernardino, CA.

"I have had work done by Ranjo Contractors for over 10 years now! They are professional, expedient, and reliable. No matter how big or small the project their quotes on cost are always precise and the work done always meets our expectations and is guaranteed."

– Marisol T., Colton, CA.

"Dear Rani, I write you to thank you for the work that you did at my house. I was extremely impressed with it. Having never used a contractor before, I was concerned by the horror stories I had heard about work not being completed by the agreed upon dates, corners being cut on the work done and costs far exceeding the quoted amounts. I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case with you and your company. For one thing, I was really impressed that you were able to schedule the extensive remodeling on my house so quickly and by the fact that your crew appeared ready to work on the agreed upon date. I greatly appreciated your efforts to slip my remodel into your busy schedule on such short notice. I know that you had to juggle a number of projects, and I appreciated the accommodations you made for me. For another thing, as you know, we had a number of structural issues to consider in completing the remodel. For example, I had hoped to be able to completely remove the wall in between the kitchen and the front room. I was disappointed to learn that it was structurally impossible to do so. However, your idea of removing the vast bulk of that wall and leaving the post in the middle of the room, which I did not think would be visually appealing when you first described it to me, turned out wonderfully. In light of the fact that I was bracing to endure a typical contractor horror story, for example, the job taking twice as long to complete as expected, I was very pleased that you were able to identify and suggest alternatives as we uncovered problems at the job site. Lastly, the quality of your work was truly fantastic. It’s amazing how much nicer the house looks now that you completed the work. You transformed it from a 1960s built, desperately in need of remodeling structure into a newly update home. Thank you for all your efforts and the great work. Simply put, I’d recommend you, your company and your work without hesitation. Thanks for everything. Very truly yours,"

– Marshall Brubacher | Mundell, Odlum & Haws, LLP