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4 Reasons Consider Crucial Updates To Your Orange County Rental Properties

With the economy on the rebound, people are finally gaining the financial confidence to upgrade their living spaces. For renters, this often means seeking out new apartments or homes that better match their desired lifestyles. Quality renters with good credit, naturally, have higher expectations. They want updated spaces with modern amenities. Real estate investors, however, are often reluctant to undertake rental property renovations when they feel the status quo serves them fine financially. Unfortunately, this line of thinking leads to dated properties, declining values, and renters who do not feel invested in proper maintenance.

If you have either residential or commercial rental property, you need to think about your long-term goals, the changing economy, and how to plan for a more successful financial future. At Ranjo Contractors, our team wants to help you invest wisely in your rental properties so that you build financial profitability for years to come.

Here are some of the areas of focus that, as tenant improvement contractors, we recommend for consideration:

  1. Cosmetic features—One of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve a space is affordable updates like fresh paint or fixtures. These small updates are the proverbial lipstick of a space. They give a feeling of clean newness without requiring you to go too far into your budget. Cosmetic improvements are the bare minimum, but they can make a world of difference in giving your property an updated feel.

  2. Remodeling/Updating appliances—From fresh tile and carpet to new kitchen appliances, a more substantial remodeling project with extensive updates can do wonders for your property. While these projects do carry a larger budget, they offer both greater appeal to renters and more long-term payoff. For residential projects, kitchens and bathroom offer the greatest bang for your buck because these are the key rooms that attract people to properties

  3. Exterior appearance—Even the most amazing spaces are hard to market if their curb appeal looks shabby. Your properties are part of your community, and their appearance is a direct reflection on you as a business investor. A fresh, clean, and appealing exterior helps draw in prospective renters who are willing to pay for desirable properties.

  4. Infrastructure—Big-ticket items, like the HVAC system and the roof, may not be immediately visible to your prospective renters. However, they represent excellent marketing points because they demonstrate that you are an invested landlord and that your properties will be low maintenance for your tenants.

As a company with extensive experience in residential and commercial tenant improvements, Ranjo Contractors believes that quality materials and workmanship can transform properties from mediocre to valuable spaces that make money for their owners. As trusted contractors in our community, we want to see the continued economic upturn revitalize neighborhoods and provide businesses and families with spaces that nurture and inspire. We want to help you make the most of your investments while planning for their long-term solvency. With our help, you can enrich your own portfolio while feeling confident that you are building equity. To schedule a consultation, contact us today at (888) 387-9530